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"Where the Teaching and the Holy Spirit meets Your Call in Ministry"

Have Faith Ministries School of Theology/Seminary

At Have Faith Ministries School of Theology and Seminary we are able to issue earned and limited credits for life experience (LE).  We offer one Honorary Degree. Titles are of a Religious nature. We have an International curriculum for our academic degree programs for both college level certificates and degrees. As a Religious School all degrees are in Theology with several Majors, yet carry the same rights as an academic title in the usage of honorifics. Currently our school issues both degrees for life’s experiences (limit on credits) and academic study courses. Courses are available via distance learning, home study, or online.  Our "Online-Live" students are required to have a web cam, Skype, PC or Mac for streaming live and recorded video classes. Distance learning student classes are available now and are not limited like campus or Online-Live classes are. They are offered through the entire year. Other options may be available. This Seminary is Accredited in the USA & UK. Our Physical Campus is a work in progress.  For additional information email Info@HFMschool.org 

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Have Faith Ministries School of Theology/Seminary, 209 Gettysburg Road, Suite B, Belleville, IL, 62226, United States
209 Gettysburg Road
Suite B
Belleville IL 62226 United States

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